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Conveyor Systems

MK Metal Products designs and manufactures conveyors and conveyor systems for both package and bulk material handling. Our sales and engineering staff provide creative and cost-effective solutions to accommodate your exact material handling requirements.

Servicing industries including the tire/rubber industry, plastics, robotic/automation, OEM, automotive, appliance, logistics, and distribution centers. Our goal at MK Metal is to provide one-stop solutions for our customer’s diverse applications. We strive to provide quality equipment that exceeds our customer’s expectations with on-time delivery.

Helping you achieve your production goals by integrating various associated material handling equipment. With MK Metal providing integrated solutions, engineering, electrical controls, and installation, we can offer expertise to control one single conveyor or an entire manufacturing work cell.

Have a custom conveyor application? Our years of experience are available to provide you with cost-effective solutions. MK Metal offers a wide variety; including belt conveyors, steel belt conveyors, under press die, conveyors, BDLR, CDLR, truck loader, and powered trailer conveyors. All conveyors have engineered approval drawings and are tested on our floor for your inspection.

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