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MK Metal Products, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer specializing in:

  • Conveyors & Conveyor Systems

  • Enclosures, Including Sound Attenuating & Weather-Resistant Construction

  • Power Bases, Including Fuel Tank Bases & Containment Fuel Tank Bases

  • Engineered Or Pre-engineered Structural & Sheet Metal Fabrications

Conveyor Systems

MK Metal Products designs and manufactures conveyors and conveyor systems for both package and bulk material handling. Our sales and engineering staff provide creative and cost-effective solutions to accommodate your exact material handling requirements. We are a proud partner and provider of Intralox Conveyor Belts.



MK Metal Products manufactures a wide variety of custom-built enclosures, including sound attenuating, weather-resistant, and trailer mounted for various industries including power generation and pump. As a precision metal fabricator, MK Metal has the experience to design and manufacture enclosures in various metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. Our experienced engineers and skilled manufacturing personnel can custom form and fabricate an enclosure for any application or environment. MK Metal would be happy to help your staff develop enclosures from prototype to production.

Power Bases

MK Metal Product’s structural welding and fabrication experience lead back to our beginning. Our development of the enclosure business has to lead us to develop and specialize in the manufacture of power bases and platforms for the power generation & pump industry including fuel tank bases, skid bases, & mobile bases. Fuel Tanks and Fuel Cells are offered in various metals including mild steel, stainless steel, & aluminum, all of which are leak and or pressure tested. MK Metal is very adept in structural fabrication in general, holding various AWS & AISI welding certifications.


Fabrication & Stainless Steel

We specialize in High Quality, Made to Order, Stainless Steel Fabrications. Our highly skilled team has the expertise to provide turn key solutions for complex metal fabrication and manufacturing challenges. Our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail uphold the highest possible standards. Whether it’s one part or an entire project, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with a full range of services tailored to suit their needs.

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